Designing Jewelry Gifts for Friends

Several of the most wonderful gifts that I have received in my life are those that my close friends and relatives have made for me. There is a little something very special about receiving a present together with knowing that not only did that person spend their valuable time searching for the perfect things to go into it yet they also made it with their very own hands! It’s something similar to the distinction between a home cooked meal and a restaurant one: simple yet indisputable.

Certainly one of the important things to take into account if you are designing jewelry for anybody is their own personal preferences. I know it may seem totally obvious but how many occasions have you been given a present and thought, “Well, it’s good enough but isn’t this a lot more like something they will wear, eat, tune in to, watch, etc,” It’s quite easy to get carried away when you are designing something and are thinking, “Oh, these subtle gemstone beads look gorgeous with these stylish cobalt briolettes! I ‘ll use them all together.” However, while you are creating for someone who would choose larger amethyst nuggets beads or substantial keishi pearls even though the item you style and design with the gemstone beads and blue briolettes may be beautiful they may not admire it just as much as you do. Therefore the first thing to consider when you find yourself arranging jewelry is, “What will they like?”

If you know them very well you will be able to remember their favorite colors. Would they opt for anything dramtic or really wild? Or are they much more into subtle or delicate? Or is absolutely everything they own fairly neutral? Or will they adopt every brand new fashion? If they enjoy drama and color you think of a number of the more bright colored precious stones which often come in bigger sizings similar to kunzite, turquoise, ruby zoisite, blue chalcedony, fluorite or lapis. Even if they really like delicate and elegant then precious stones will probably win their hearts. Consider ruby, emerald, sapphires or possibly for the much more adventurous: spinel, tsavorite garnet, tanzanite, apatite, tourmaline (certainly one of my personal favorites!) or diamond beads if your intention is to surprise them. Don’t be deterred by the expense of precious stones. You can always go for several briolettes to make a nice pendant necklace by dangling them from an open link chain or perhaps you could possibly get a set for ear-rings. If you’re creating for a person who really loves neutrals you may go with traditional pearls or any one of the many varieties of mother of pearl, quartz, moonstone, agate. Fossilized coral is also a beautiful neutral with fascinating patterns: perfect for pendants! Even if they follow the hottest style it’s genuinely entertaining to get them an element that very few folks have ever heard of such as hypersthene, chiasolite, bronzite, kunzite, fuschite or hemimorphite gemstone beads.

There are lots of gems to choose from that the most challenging aspect is narrowing it down. I notice that once you have chosen the stones you think they will like best the designing portion takes care of itself. You’ve already considered their own personal style so it’s simple to produce something which works for them. After you’ve chosen your beads and specially designed your piece the really fun part begins: delivering the gift and if you’ve done your task right watching their eyes glow once they open it. By designing some thing on your own for your close friend or relative you will get something really extraordinary. Not only do you get to bestow a wonderfully special present to somebody you cherish; you obtain the satisfaction of looking at them wear it and cherish it for the rest of their life. Just what could possibly be more delightful?