How To Make Bead Jewelry Gifts

Crafting your own bead jewelry is a creative passion that allows you to make unique pieces of jewelry for yourself, family and friends. Here is how you can get started.

If you ever asked your self “couldn’t I do that for myself?” while you looked all the way through rows of bead bracelets, necklaces or earrings at a trendy boutique, the answer is “yes”.

How To Make Bead Jewelry GiftsBeading is a creative and enjoyable hobby that not only will have you create one of a kind, handmade pieces of jewelry, and definitely will also be a great source of gift ideas for friends and family.

The initial step would be to locate a fantastic local bead shop. Even though you will find wonderful mail order catalogs and websites that can offer you all the items, next to nothing replaces for the guidance and assistance of experienced sales staff. Ideally, this store will also offer a number of beginners’ courses that could allow you to understand basic skills (should there be no bead store in your town, some introductory books such as The Comprehensive Idiot’s Guidebook to Beading will have to do).

Start with a simple project, along the lines of a bracelet or simple necklace, and you should not get carried away with expensive beads and findings (clasps, hooks, etc.). You may be wishing to use crystal, sterling silver or semi-precious beads right now, however you can work up to that in the future. Some stores will even offer bundled starter kits which include a beading board (which will help you with project layout and measurements), some necessary tools, beads, wire, findings and a how-to-book.

It is advisable to then setup your own “beading space” – preferably an uncluttered, well-lit area. You might have to pick up an effective lamp, perhaps one coupled with a magnifying lens. Just remember, you will be stringing some rather tiny objects!

Make sure you have plenty of storage containers to always keep different types and colors of beads isolated – nothing will spoil your joy of beading like having to search for just one bead in a bewildering heap. Beading stores will sell you countless storage systems (including beading bags for the beader-on-the-go), but you may also try out cheap plastic storage containers designed to hold small hardware or fishing tackle.

Well, there you are ready for your very first bead jewelry project! Don’t forget to safeguard your beading zone from curious cats and small children. Happy beading, and have fun making use of your hand-crafted jewelry!