Buying Guide: Choosing Headphones & Earphones

With so many models available, choosing headphones & earphones is a personal decision that factors in a range of features including isolation, comfort, weight, portability and fit. We’ve put together our Buying Guide To Choosing Headphones & Earphones to help you make the right decision to suit your needs.

Music can be enjoyed more than ever when it’s portable and a good set of headphones is essential to any portable music device to block out unwanted noise and create your own secluded music getaway.

When choosing headphones & earphones, here are a few things to consider:

Form Factor – Earbud headphones offer superior noise isolation compared to many other types of headphones but if you don’t like sticking things into your ear then a set of full-size or over-the-ear headphones might be a better option and can also produce more power.

Earbud Sizes – it is important choose comfortable earbuds if you’re using earbud headphones. You may want to consider choosing headphones with multiple earbud sizes to ensure you find a set that suits your unique ear shape and size.

Sound Isolation – Earbud headphones provide great sound isolation because they are inserted directly into your ear. Sound isolation is the ability to reduce outside noise and earbud headphones perform this task well while remaining compact and portable.

More Bass – Large headphones normally mean more base. Big headphones can hold larger drivers that are capable of producing bigger bass and more volume.

Noise Canceling – Larger headphones often tend to be better at noise-canceling where the speakers produce counter-frequencies to cancel out any background noise. Bigger headphones block more sound from getting to your ear which also makes the job a lot easier. Noise-cancelling headphones may require a battery for the actual headphones however they also allow you to hear your music in much more detail.

Surround Sound – Gamers and home theater enthusiasts are often interested in surround sound headphones. While real surround sound uses multiple speakers to create the surround sound effect, surround sound headphones can simulate this using software and just two speakers.

Wireless – Wireless headphones are continuing to improve in quality to almost matching wired sound technology. Wireless headphones use either radio-frequency signals or infrared transmitters to communicate with your audio receiver.

We hope these tips have been helpful in helping you when choosing headphones & earphones to enhance your music experience.