Christmas DIY Gift Ideas

Be inspired by our list of 21 Christmas DIY Gift Ideas when trying to decide on an amazing Christmas gift idea for a friend or family member that they’ll cherish and remember for years to come. Whether you’re a creative person or not, our list of homemade Christmas gifts below aims to provide a variety of DIY Christmas gifts that anyone can make! If you’re searching for DIY Christmas gifts for friends and family or just some homemade Christmas crafts to keep you occupied over the holidays, then our list of 21 Christmas gift ideas is just what you’ve been looking for.

So let’s get to it….

Personalized Instagram Calendar

This personalized calendar is an awesome way to display some of the recipient’s most memorable moments.

DIY photo gifts have always been popular and there’s no denying the Instagram obsession going on at the moment. There’s just something about easily adding our own personal touches to photos that we enjoy. So, when we saw these DIY photo gift ideas which incorporate the use of this trendy app, we were thrilled. If you’re already an Instagram fanatic like us, then all you have to do to make an adorable calendar like this is get your favorite photos printed. Once you’ve got your photos, you’ll need glue, twine or yarn, scissors, construction paper and calendar pages that you can download and print. It’s quick and fun!

For a full tutorial on how to make this Personalized Instagram Calendar and other great homemade Christmas gift ideas, head over to A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Photo Gifts

Star Photo Collage

Make a decorative photo collage with meaningful photos for the recipient with this easy DIY photo Christmas gift idea.

Coming up with a way to display photographs can be a particularly frustrating endeavor. Sure, you can go with frames…but who has enough? And much of the time, the frames are never the right size. This photo collage star is a great, new way to put your family photos on display. You can rest it on the mantel or hang it on the wall to liven up any area.

Get the full tutorial to make your Star Photo Collage and other DIY gifts using photos at Scraps & Scribbles.

DIY Photo Gift Ideas

Neon Fabric Coiled Bowls

While these neon fabric coiled bowls are easy Christmas gifts to make, you can fill them with something they love to make this the ultimate gift.

No matter how many stores you search, sometimes it just seems impossible to find the best Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. So why not forgo the mall, put your crafting skills to good use and make the perfect Christmas present? Not only will these cheap DIY Christmas gifts you save money, but your loved ones will truly appreciate the thought and time you put into their presents.

For other creative DIY Christmas gifts or to get started on your neon fabric coiled bowls, follow the simple tutorial from The Red Thread.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Floppy Disk Planter Box

Repurpose old floppy disks into a fun planter to make awesome green homemade Christmas gifts.

With all of the updated ways to save and share electronic files, we bet you can’t even remember the last time you used a floppy disk. But if you have some collecting dust around the house, why not give them a completely new purpose? This project is a fun and colorful way to dress up a plain planter and would look great both outdoors or indoors. We especially love the idea of using the disk labels to name the plants and display instructions on how to care for them.

Find out how to build planters out of these colorful plastic disks at Brit + Co.

Green Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Customized Ribbon Key Fob

A cute and customized ribbon key fob to carry their keys.

No matter where we’re going, we tote our keys for the house and car around with us every single day. So, why not carry them in style? Learn how to make a customized key fob you can dangle on your wrist and you’ll instantly have inexpensive homemade Christmas gifts for friends or family. The strap is made with cotton webbing, bits and pieces of ribbon and trim and key fob hardware. And it only takes very basic sewing machine skills to complete this craft.

For a complete, step-by-step tutorial for making this Customized Ribbon Key Fob, visit Prudent Baby.

Fabric Craft Gifts

Emergency Zip Pouch

This zippered pouch is both cute and useful. The perfect last minute DIY Christmas gift idea!

We all have those days when we’re out at work or running errands and desperately need a bandaid or some aspirin. Whether it’s a paper cut, a blister from those new shoes that aren’t quite as comfortable as they are cute or a tension headache, these little issues can be fixed with very basic first-aid staples.

Discover how you can create a stylish mini “emergency” kit to throw in your bag with all of the essentials you need over at A Spoonful of Sugar.

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Instagram Photo Cards

Bring memories to life by turning Instagram photos into a very personal greeting card set.

Chances are you know a decent amount of people who are pretty addicted to Instagram. And for good reason — the app is the perfect way to enhance your photos and share them on all of your social networks. Which is why we love these type of DIY photo gifts because it shows us a creative way to bring all of those memories to life. Create a whole box of these very personalized cards, so that the recipient can send to friends and family who are actually in the photos.

For the full tutorial to create your own Instagram Photo Cards visit Say Yes To Hoboken.

DIY Christmas Photo Gift Ideas

Monogrammed Mugs

A great way to personalize a practical item and easily enhanced with seasonal colours and images to create colorful DIY Christmas mugs.

DIY Christmas mug gifts are a very practical and useful item to have. So if you can find a way to personalize one and add a little something extra, it can make a really great Christmas gift. That’s why anyone on your list will appreciate this simple handmade gift idea which shows us how to turn plain mugs into something special.

Check out the full tutorial over at Design Mom.

DIY Christmas Mugs

Stylish Placemat Clutch

Turn a funky-patterned placemat into a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory for the fashionista on your list.

Talk about stylish table settings! Turn an ordinary placemat into a unique fashion statement with this Christmas craft gift. Not only is this clutch surprisingly chic, it’s just the right size to hold your keys, phone and wallet. Plus, it’s so simple to make!

Get the full tutorial to make your own Stylish Placemat Clutch over at Lil Blue Boo.

DIY Christmas Gifts With Fabric

Canvas Wall Art Portrait

Turn a photo into beautiful canvas wall art that doubles as a very meaningful gift.

Everytime we see something like these arts and crafts gift ideas, we think, “yeah that’s gorgeous alright, but how in the world are we going to make that?” This was exactly the thought running through our minds when we came across this lovely Canvas Wall Art Portrait.

For a full tutorial on how to make your own canvas wall art portrait, head over to A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Christmas Art

Paint Swirl Vases

Give the gift of funky home decor with these swirled vases.

You don’t even need a paint brush to make these — just swirl a few drops of paint inside a glass vase to create one of the best craft gifts. The colors will blend together to create a unique look that instantly livens up a table or mantle. Seriously, it’s that easy!

For the how-to on making Paint Swirl vases visit Centsational Girl.

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Help the coffee lover on your list go green with a reusable coffee sleeve.

Say goodbye to boring cardboard cups and plain thermoses with these easy DIY gifts for coffee lovers. This reusable cozy from Practically Functional is a prettier departure than the flimsy cardboard sleeves that come with most coffee orders.

For the full how-to guide to make your own DIY Coffee Cozy head over to Practically Functional.

DIY Christmas Crafts

Paint-Splattered Umbrella

Brighten up a rainy day with a neon umbrella.

One of the best parts of receiving a handcrafted gift is the special feeling of knowing no one else will have it. Which is why a paint-splattered umbrella is the perfect creative DIY Christmas gift for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd. This is a simple way to turn a plain umbrella into a unique and stylish accessory. And the neon colors will be sure to brighten anyone’s mood even on the rainiest of days.

Learn how to create your own Paint-Splattered Umbrella from Design For Mankind.

Christmas DIY Gifts

Leather Pouch

A one-of-a-kind gift that doesn’t cost much to make.

Finding the best craft gift ideas can be tricky, because although you want the recipient to notice the effort you put into it, you don’t want it to end up looking like a little kid’s craft project. And, it’s even more challenging to create a stylish item that can be used daily. But this homemade gift idea is truly something we would be thrilled to receive. This leather pouch is so simple and clean-looking that most people, no matter their taste, would proudly carry it around. And, the best part is that the majority of the materials you need to make it come in one kit, so you can craft a high-quality, unique piece for under $15.

For the full tutorial to create this homemade Leather Pouch check out Poppytalk.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Marbled Drinking Glasses

Perfect for a friend with a new home or apartment.

The secret behind making these DIY Marbled Drinking Glasses? Nail polish! Using a simple yet clever marbling technique, you can transform flat bottomed drinking glasses into a stunning set of swirled glassware that’s definitely one-of-a-kind unique DIY Christmas gift. Just make sure to hand wash these dishes! You don’t want the paint to chip.

Learn how to make thse DIY Marbled Drinking Glasses over at Honestly…WTF.

DIY Christmas Presents

Heart-Shaped Potholders

The perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess.

People who love to cook and entertain usually take a lot of pride in their kitchens. So, if you know someone who’s always searching for the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets and decor, this homemade gift idea will be the perfect addition to his or her favorite room in the house. This is such a great way to transform plain, inexpensive potholders into a unique and useful DIY kitchen gift. And the recipient will surely appreciate the time you put into making these sweet kitchen accessories.

For a full tutorial on how to make these Heart-Shaped Potholders visit Made.

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Confetti Sprinkled Linen Napkins

A great gift to give the frequent entertainer on your list.

For anyone who takes pride in his or her home, entertaining others can be a great joy. So if you know someone who loves to have dinner parties and invite guests over, then these Confetti Sprinkled Linen Napkins make ideal homemade Christmas gifts and could be the perfect thing to give them.

Get complete instructions on how to make the Confetti Sprinkled Linen Napkins from Design Mom.

Homemade Gifts For Christmas

Font Type Character Coasters

A great gift for anyone who has an opinion on Arial vs Comic Sans…

With so many gender-specific gifts out there, it can be really difficult to find the best DIY gifts that work for both the men and women you’re buying for this season and why we think this easy homemade gift is a great present to have in your DIY arsenal since it’s totally neutral.

Take a look at the complete tutorial from Evil Mad Scientist.

Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

Animal Bookends

Brighten up a bookshelf with these fun and colorful bookends.

Kids love owning the newest and most popular toys on the market. But if you’ve got a little one on your list who already seems to have everything that Mattel or Hasbro has ever made then this DIY kids Christmas gift is the perfect solution. These bookends will add a fun and colorful touch to any bookshelf. Plus, it’s so easy to customize by simply choosing the recipient’s favorite animal and color. And all you need to complete it is a plastic animal, spray paint and a block of wood.

For the full tutorial to make your own Animal Bookends head over to Natalme.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts

Fabric Scrap Keychains

These keychains make inexpensive homemade gifts.

If you’re a frequent DIYer, chances are you accumulate bits and pieces of craft materials each time you work on a project. And although you don’t want to waste them, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do with all those scraps. Fortunately, these cheap DIY Christmas gifts show us a way to recycle these tidbits into a great little gift. To personalize these keychains, add some special finishing touches, such as a felt monogram. You can also take it a step further and embellish them with buttons or sequins.

For the full tutorial, head over to Craftiness is not Optional.

Christmas Craft Gift Ideas

Tea Wreath

This unique wreath is perfect for any tea-lover you know.

DIY Christmas wreaths can help you quickly pull together something special for your friends and family, and at a very low cost. So why not try something like this tea wreath, a thoughtful Christmas present for any homemaker, hostess or tea-lover in your life. Not only are these easy DIY Christmas wreaths an unconventional way to give delicious tea, but this wreath is also perfect for entertaining. By displaying your tea selection, guests can easily choose which one they want without digging through the pantry. Plus, it’s a cute and colorful way to brighten up anyone’s Christmas kitchen.

For the step-by-step tutorial head over to Kojo Designs.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

We hope you enjoyed our list of 21 Christmas DIY Gift Ideas and found some inspiration for your own DIY Christmas gifts for friends or family this year.

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